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English Discoveries (ED), solusi interaktif untuk pembelajaran Bahasa Inggris yang sangat mudah disesuaikan dengan kurikulum yang diinginkan setiap institusi penggunanya. ED membantu pengajar dengan alat yang efektif dan mudah digunakan dalam rangka memaksimalkan hasil pembelajaran.

Sejak awal 2017, ED meningkatkan fasilitasnya berupa:
1. Konten baru
   Dua unit baru telah ditambahkan modul pembelajaran Basic 1 sampai Advance 3. Dengan unit tersebut total tersedia 10 unit dari                  sebelumnya yang hanya tersedia 8 unit. Dua unit baru ini mencakup topik baru yang tidak tersedia pada unit lainnya yaitu:
   – Pendekatan keterampilan bahasa Inggris terpadu yang menggabungkan praktek beberapa keterampilan dalam satu pelajaran. Pendekatan      baru ini memberikan siswa dengan jam belajar 30% lebih banyak.
   – Menyediakan jenis pertanyaan baru, termasuk yang sering ditemukan pada tes berstandar internasional seperti tes TOEIC dan TOEFL.
   – Interaktif speaking video yang memberikan pengalaman lebih nyata saat berlatih berbicara.
2. Community Site
   Desain visual baru yang lebih menarik dan interaktif untuk layanan community site untuk memberikan kenyamanan pada pengguna. Selain      itu dengan mempertimbangkan respon pengguna dan hasilnya, layanan dari WebPals dan BBC Inggris dihapus dan diganti dengan                permainan baru yaitu a crossword puzzle, word search, dan snowman game.

Dengan desain visual yang menarik dan interaktif, unit pembelajaran dan permainan baru akan menjamin pengguna ED memiliki pengalaman belajar yang menyenangkan dan mampu meningkatkan ketrampilan Bahasa Inggrisnya.



ETS, the world's largest nonprofit educational measurement organization, is committed to delivering high-quality assessments — like the TOEFL® Primary™ and TOEFL Junior® tests — as well as conducting world-class research and advancing education worldwide. We are also committed to promoting learning that engages students on multiple levels.

We invite you to inspire your students to practice and improve their English-language skills, use their creativity and take pride in creating an amazing project with this year's TOEFL® Young Students Series GO English! project: What Is Friendship? In Your Words.

Discuss ideas with your class and create a project
Your goals are to:
– Work as a class or in small groups for a total of 5–10 hours over several weeks.
– Say or write enough English to effectively communicate your message.
– Be creative.

In addition, your class will receive special rewards for participating — including promotional items, educational materials, a plaque and certificates of achievement — once you turn in your project.

Click here for the project details to get you started.

Project deadline for your project — Extended until February 28, 2017

Once your project is completed, you will need to make sure you:
– Collect signed student release forms. Click here to get the form.
– Format your project using an acceptable file type. Any file you upload cannot exceed 50MB.
– Follow instructions to upload your project and release forms.

Contact Mr. Widi as the project manager at 021-5711943 or Alamat email ini dilindungi dari robot spam. Anda memerlukan Javascript yang aktif untuk melihatnya.  for questions, and remember to encourage your students to work together, be creative and have fun!


BTS Education Wins Contract to Assess 2016 G20 Summit Volunteers

September 2016 - Congratulations to BTS Education, one of the TOEIC® EPAs in China, on its success in gaining a contract with the government to administer the TOEIC® tests to assess the English proficiency of potential volunteers for the 2016 G20 summit held in Hangzhou.

The G20 Summit originated in 1999 and consists of Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Republic of Korea, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, the United Kingdom, the United States and the European Union (EU). The Summit, which was held August 31, 2016 to September 5, 2016, is an annual meeting of twenty of the world’s top leaders, including President Barack Obama, to discuss new initiatives designed to drive global economic growth.

After months of meetings with the government to reinforce the quality of the TOEIC tests, the government decided to require all interested students to take the tests as part of the volunteer selection process. To get ready for the influx of prospective volunteers, BTS held 35 presentations on the TOEIC tests in 15 universities of Zhejiang Province for 15 days in April.

In June, BTS tested 4,100 students to gauge their competency in English listening and reading. An additional 350 took the TOEIC Speaking and Writing tests as well, due to the nature of the positions for which they were applying.


As a result of their successful collaboration with the G20 Volunteer Committee, BTS continues to work with the Beijing Volunteer Service Federation to administer the TOEIC tests to 140 potential volunteers as part of the selection process.

Not only do initiatives such as these help drive TOEIC volumes and business growth but they also help students and governments to see the TOEIC tests as a strategic key to gaining work experience and employability.


Join Test Takers from Around the Globe for the TOEFL® Test Prep Challenge
Students encouraged to join global TOEFL test prep Facebook® live chat on July 9

Princeton, NJ (July 1, 2015) – Starting this month, aspiring TOEFL® test takers are encouraged to step up and take the TOEFL Test Prep Challenge as they continue their study-abroad journey. This nine-week campaign will support test takers as they prepare for the TOEFL test by challenging them with actual test questions from past tests, offering test-taking tips, and providing them with valuable resources to improve their English skills and perform well on test day.

The TOEFL Test Prep Challenge will equip test takers with knowledge of all four sections of the test (reading, listening, speakingand writing) and will be offered on numerous social media platforms, including Facebook®, Instagram® and LinkedIn®. Each week, participants will be provided with useful test prep tips through images and short videos.

As part of the challenge, the TOEFL program will host a global Facebook Q&A live chat on July 9 at 13:00 UTC. English-language experts will be on hand to answer English language learning questions including official prep tips, how to register for the testand preparing for the study-abroad journey.

“Anyone looking for test preparation from the actual developers of the TOEFL test will benefit from the TOEFL Test Prep Challenge with its mix of lessons, practiceand inspiration,” said Jobert Abueva, senior director of marketing for the TOEFL program. “Upon completion of the nine-week challenge, students will find themselves betterequipped come test day.”

Students can register for the live chat online on Facebook at More information about the TOEFL test is available at

About the TOEFL Test
The TOEFL test of academic English is the most widely respected English-language assessment worldwide, recognized by more than 9,000 institutions in more than 130 countries. To date, more than 30 million students have taken the TOEFL test. More information regarding the TOEFL test, including registration, study tips and sample questions, is available on the TOEFL® Go Anywhere website at

About ETS
At ETS, we advance quality and equity in education for people worldwide by creating assessments based on rigorous research. ETS serves individuals, educational institutions and government agencies by providing customized solutions for teacher certification, English language learning, and elementary, secondary and postsecondary education, and by conducting education research, analysis and policy studies. Founded as a nonprofit in 1947, ETS develops, administers and scores more than 50 million tests annually — including the TOEFL® and TOEIC® tests, the GRE® tests and The Praxis Series ® assessments — in more than 180 countries, at over 9,000 locations worldwide.