AAG Internship

AAG Internship

Advisers Alliance Group (AAG) Singapore is a financial institution with 40 years of experience. With a team of 400 consultants, AAG is a family of associates who are dedicated to positively impacting the lives of those around them. The AAG family lives and breathes its core values of Integrity, Compassion and Competency in order to achieve its mission. Our mission is set around our belief that Life is a Great Journey, and each of us can chart this journey according to our hopes and dreams. With the mission to bring AAG to new heights by coaching, mentoring and inspiring each associate to rise beyond themselves to become truly Great. 

Having run the internship program for the last 15 years, we have given participants an accurate perspective of the financial services sector and have resulted in many of the interns transforming into outstanding consultants in AAG. AAG has embarked on an internship journey engaging students to experience life in the financial industry and empowering them with financial literacy. Our Internship program uses our methodologies to discover, groom and guide future leaders that will take the work we do to greater levels, to serve the community at large with the empowerment of financial literacy and improving the lives of our fellow man. We want a group of inspired leaders to have access to an accomplished system and resource that has brought about a paradigm shift in the growth of insurance business with an opportunity to work with one of the top organizations to grow.

Up to 100 students from local Singaporeans universities have gone through this fun filled journey and benefitted from it. AAG is now looking at expanding this to Indonesia. With the offer to experience this in Singapore. We are looking for a group of youth between 19 to 24 years old (19 – 24 years old) who will be keen to spend their Hari Raya holidays on a two month exchange with us and return equipped with finance skillsets and know how and motivated to make their lifes journey great.

Congratulations to all the candidates that are selected to join AAG Internship Program 2018!

The selected candidate will do the internship program from 22 Mei –  22 July 2018 at AAG Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. We will contact the selected candidate to inform the detail information about the program via email or phone by the latest Friday, May 18th 2018.

  1. Personal development & leadership training
  2. Coached by award winning industry practitioners
  3. Overseas Business Camp
  4. One-to-one knowledge and skills mentorship
  5. Career opportunities for management position
  6. Awarded with financial service certification
  • Final year or graduate students (19-24 years old) majoring in Finance, Banking, Economics, Marketing, Communications and Business
  • Candidates who have held leadership positions in school or campus
  • Candidates confident in spoken and written English proven with ETS TOEIC® min. score 605
  • Have valid passport up to January 2019
  • Candidates keen to embark in a finance career
  • Candidates looking forward to have peer to peer learning with fellow student candidates from Singaporean universities 
  • Candidates looking forward to having fun in Singapore

Program Timeline

17 March – 3 April 2018 Submission Process (CV, TOEIC Score Report, Photo copy Passport)
8 – 10 April 2018 Selected candidates announcement (100 candidates)
11 – 12 April 2018 Online Interview (Selected 30 Candidates)
14 April 2018 Competency & Personality Test (Online)
18 – 19 April 2018 Interview in Jakarta
1 – 5 May 2018 5 day experiential learning process in Singapore
8 May 2018 Shortlisting of internship awardees
14 May – 13 July 2018 Internship Program

What Will You Get

  • Allowance of Flights, food, lodging and IDR 8 Million for 10 weeks will be provided during internship
  • In 2 Months you will undergo an internship not only in Singapore, but also in Malaysia and Thailand
  • Experience you will never forget
  • What is AAG?

    AAG is a Private banking, financial service and insurance company. For this internship program, we support AAG Singapore to provide qualified candidate from Indonesia.

  • Is passport mandatory to have when we applied?

    When submitting your documents, if you do not have your passport yet don’t worry.  Instead uploading your copy of passport, you can upload a statement letter willing to provide copy of passport once you passed administration with your signature at the bottom. When you have been called for interview and cannot bring copy of your passport then you are disqualified.

  • Do you offer job position after the internship program finish to the awardee? If yes, what kind of position that you offer?

    Yes we do, you will be offer a position in business development, financial consultants or insurance advisors division.         

  •  What if I am below the age criteria?

    Just follow the procedure by completing the form at bit.ly/aaginternship. The committee will consider your application form

  • Where can I take TOEIC test for AAG?

    You can email us at toeic@itc-indonesia.com