About ITC

Confidence for Everyone

ITC provides programs and services aim to increase Indonesians’ level of confidence. ITC has consistently human resource development in Indonesia through its development competency programs such as learning and certifcation programs that are recognized internationally. By providing our services, ITC is committed to improving the confidence of the Indonesian people for competing in education and the workforce domestically and globally.

Company Value

Reliable | Safe & Secure | Quality | Customers Centric | Humble

ITC's International Partners

ITC being the only one who is trusted to manage and develop products and services in Indonesia with the Country master distributor for:

International test Center, ISO 9001:2008 with coverage of international test administration services.

This certification proves the International test Center to deliver the best assessment in Indonesia with international standard service.

English Language Field

2015 Ten Years of Service Award

2012 Global Recognition Award

2011 Global Business Collaboration Award

2008 Best Government Initiative Award

2004 Outstanding TOEIC Sales Growth For Year 2003 – 2004


Computer Field

2014 Growth Rate Top Performance Digital Literacy Ambassador

2013 Growth Rate Top Performance Exceptional Achievement


2012 Growth Rate Top Performance