Assessment Center Program

Assessment Center Program

It is a method for exploring behavioral competencies so that areas of strength and competence can be found that need to be developed by individuals through a number of simulations. The simulations given aim to measure the competencies needed and the demands of individuals in carrying out their current and future roles and duties. The simulation given is specifically designed to be able to provide an overview and resemble the daily working conditions of individuals. Assessment of one’s competency can also be measured strongly through the multi raters method Through the simulations given, individuals are asked to be able to carry out a number of tasks and roles, including identifying problems, making decisions, working in groups and so on.

Some activities or simulations that will be given to the assessment participants are:

  • Problem Analysis

Participants are faced with a problem in the form of a particular case, where participants are then asked to be able to identify problems with the case and provide certain recommendations.

  • Leaderless Group Discussion

Participants are asked to design a particular case and discuss it in a small group to produce a decision on the problem.

  • Role Play

Participants are faced with a problem in the work team where he must carry out certain roles and provide coaching to the work team on the problems that occur.

  • In Basket

Participants are required to carry out a certain role in management and are asked to carry out work management and make decisions on their duties and responsibilities.

  • Behavioral Event Interview

Participants run a structured interview process with assessors to explore behavioral-based competencies from participants.

  • Customer Orientation
  • Orientation to Achievement
  • Advantages Quality
  • Planning & Organizing
  • Business Orientation
  • Decision Making
  • Leadership
  • Team Work
  • Analytical Thinking

We have internal and external assessors who have experience in the Assessment Center and are trained in conducting assessments and conducting competency assessments.