English Discoveries

English Discoveries

English Discoveries (ED) is a complete solution for learning English using blended learningmethod.

Blended Learning combines e-learning (mobile learning oronline learning) andface-to-face. Blended learning that has been used worldwide and recommended for language learning method because of this combine theory and practices.

ED is a platform to learn English that combines online learning and face-to-face method. Very suitable for every level in each profession such as students, teachers, employees, management from institution or company and many more.

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  • Effective
    With e-learning method, you can adjust the learning speed of language assimilation such as vocabulary, grammar and others. Combining e-learning methods and classroom learning methods will help you to stay motivated to complete the learning process. Supervision and testing by the teacher will guarantee the effectiveness of the blended learning. method
  • Fast
    – Faster, by combining perfect learning methods so that they can be done anytime and anywhere, because of this methods you can accelerate the learning process.
    – E-learning can be done individually without having to be done in groups.
  • Flexible
    The program can be customized inline with your needs and purpose of learning. With blended learning, obstacles that occur in the face-to-face learning process can be avoided

Has been used in more than 30 countries and became the top choice in several ministries throughout the world. ED provides more than 1.000 learning hours with interesting and interactive visual for 6 language skills that consists listening reading,speaking, writing, vocabulary) and grammar.

ED not only provide learning feature but also interactive practice for you and teachers facility that consist of Courses, Actual Practice and Teacher Management System.

ED provides more than 1.000 hour materials to be learnt online that can help you improve your 6 language main skills which are listening, reading, speaking, writing, grammar, vocabulary, and web literacy.

Material that are on ED combines various of questions format to prepare students with global environment. Placement test that is provided and evaluate during learning process can help monitor learning development continuously.

Online Learning

ED divides learning process in 10 course and every course consist 8 units with different topics that can help develop 6 skills in English.

The learning process is adjusted to your level of English. In order to find out the appropriate level, your English skills will be tested using the TOEIC® (Test of English for International Communication).

There are 3 steps of learning in ED:

  • Explore, in this part you will learn about a topic that is given
  • Practice, you will practice to apply the topic that you have learn before
  • Test, is the last part where you conduct tests to measure understanding of the topics that have been studied

The material in ED can be adjusted to your needs. Such as for tourism field, other than it is available, ED materials can be added with materials about English that is used in tourism field.

Based on a communicative approach, ED provides learners by using interactive real-life videos, advanced speech recognition technology, flash animations, radio broadcasts, pop-up dictionaries, grammar assistance, role play & rubrics, pronunciation courses, screen sensitive help,and topical interactive magazines.

Face to Face Learning

Other than online learning, there is also face-to-face session with teachers. Face-to-face session will focus on practice and question-answer session directly with the teacher based on what have been learn in online learning. Duration and amount of meeting can be adjusted based on the agreement with you and the teacher.

Teacher Management System (TMS)

TMS is a special feature for teachers to manage learning materials and to monitor the students development progress.

  • Material can be adjusted with the intitutions program, curiculum, school’s handbook, corporate training program and many more.
  • With TMS, Teachers canmonitor their students’ development like what activities thy are doing that relates with ED, test scores and learning development.

Authoring Tool

Teachers can adjust the material that students will use by uploading additional material using the autoring tool.

ED Advanced Speech Recognition

Speech recognition can help increase English speaking ability which indirectly will boost their confidence when communicating using English. With the latest technology, speech recognition comes with a better level of accuracy so you can see the development of its capabilities over time.

Automated Writing Evaluation (e-rater®)

Automated Writing Evaluation (AWE) provides an assessment of the results of Writing practices from basic to Advanced level. E-rater® AWE can analyze the writing and make detailed score about writing, language styles, words, grammar and sentence usage. Teachers can also assess their students.

Pedagogical Servce

Created to support students and instructors in each institution to ensure an effective and efficient teaching process.
Other than online methods, ED also provides consulting services for materials, training on how to use ED for teachers, and assistance for technical constraints carried out by a trusted and reliable team.

Service to implement ED

This service is provided to assist how ED can be used. For example adjusting ED material with curriculum and introductory books used by the school.

Easy access

ED can be access anywhere and anytime as long as using a computer or laptop that have an internet connection.

Asesmen and certification

ED provides assessment and certification that is accurat and reliable to measure students development learning process.

Continuous asesmen done before , during and after the learning process . Asesmen before and after learning process will be used with TOEIC®, small test will be given to test the students skills and knowledge/ The test results can be access with the teachers, students or both. This is one of the advatages where teachers does not need more time to assess the students development.

For students

• Opportunities to optimize English skills
• An interesting and interactive learning experience
• Easy to use
• Flexible learning time
• Opportunity to meet and share experiences with EO participants from around the world

For Teachers

• Helps monitor student learning progress
• Helps create learning material
• Enrich teaching methods and materials
• Improve teaching effectiveness
• Have access to know the original ED material

For corporate,education institution and government

  • Awards for employees, students by providing facilities to improve their English skills.
  • Improve the ability to compete globally.
  • To become company, education institution and government that focus developing their human resources.
  • Providing access to a global network that can expand business and cooperation

In English for Specific Purpose (ESP), material and learning objectives are determined based on the specific needs of groups of people who want to improve their English language skills. This Course can be used for certain groups or for English language needs of specific professions and industries.

ESD and ED

Combining ED with ESP directed at the professional needs of its users, is a combination of effective and optimal learning for adults.
With this solution, general English language skills can be improved along with specific English language needs needed in accordance with their profession.

ESP at Edusoft

Technical English

English – Technical includes the vocabulary needed in various professions. Every unit consists of 50 words, complete with the definition and how to use in the sentence, practice and the test. Teaching materials and classroom activities are all include. Vocabulary units are created for the following professions:

  • English – Mechanic
  • English – Architect and Construction
  • English – Computer and IT
  • English- Production Management
  • English – Robotic
  • English – Accountant
  • English – Banker
  • English for economic

Medical English Course

A unique, interactive and online solution for doctors, nurses, public health workers and other employees in the health sector to improve their English skills. This Course consists of 63 health topics. Designed by experts in the health industry, ED users will study the conditions and situations surrounding the health field (such as writing medical history, arranging schedules and description of symptoms) through multimedia as well as reading, listening, writing and grammar exercises at various levels of English.

English For The Hotel Industry

Learning solutions designed for hospitality practitioners who want to improve their English skills. Provides a situation like in a hotel in general where ED users have the opportunity to improve their listening, speaking and reading skills. The purpose of this learning is to improve the quality of hotel services by improving the communication skills of their employees. This Course is flexible, ED users can learn according to their schedule and in their place. The Built-in administration platform allows teachers to monitor the development of their students during the learning process.

English At Work, Levels 1-3

This course helps ED users to develop oral and reading skills used in everyday communication in the world of work. ED users can practice with various media and writing practice formats as well as programs to interact verbally that simulate the daily work world.

  • Discussion Time Forum
    Discussion forums such as the mailing list where all ED users around the world can interact and choose discussion themes of interest. This forum can help train writing skills.
  • Online Magazine
    Provides the latest news and articles from various fields. Available articles are in accordance with the ability level of ED users, so they can practice their reading skills without significant difficulties.
  • Games
    It is a zone where ED users can add to their vocabulary list by playing fun games.
  • Talking Idioms
    A unique way to learn English idiom and the meaning as well as examples of using it on daily conversation.
  • Grammar Book
    Learning about grammar, including how to use it in everyday life, Grammar Book can be accessed via ED online.

Corporate & Government

Bursa Efek Indonesia (BEI)
Direktorat Pembinaan SMK Kemendikbud RI
EISAI Indonesia
GMF Aero Asia
Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK)
Rekayasa Industri
SFFLA Selangor
Telkom PCC

Perguruan Tinggi dan Sekolah

Alfa Flying School Jakarta Al Kausar Boarding School
Politeknik Negeri Bandung Insan Cendekia Madani Boarding School
STIE Wiyatamandala Jakarta Pesantren Modern Ummul Quro
STIKS Tarakanita Jakarta SMKN 1 Batam
STMA Trisakti Jakarta
STT Jakarta
Universitas Brawijaya Malang
Universitas Darwan Ali Sampit
Universitas Kristen Indonesia Jakarta
Universitas Ma Chung Malang
Date Month Time & Location
19 March 10.00 – 14.30 WIB

International Test Center

23 April
21 May
18 June
23 July
20 August
17 September
22 October
19 November
17 December

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