Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

  • How to register for the Test?

Please download the guide book here. Test registration only available online

  • What if I fail to register online?

Make sure your registered e-mail is valid and you never register with the same e-mail or ID, if you don’t receive a registration confirmation e-mail please contact us at 021-5711943 or for more information.

  • Why can’t I register on the schedule I want?

The quota on the schedule is full or you have taken the TOEIC® test in the same month.

  • Why did I fail to make a payment?

Please note the methods along with the payment rules for each payment method.

  • What skills are measured?

The TOEIC® Listening and Reading test measures the ability to hear and read in English.

  • How is the test format?

TOEIC® Listening and Reading test format is a multiple choice using paper and pencil media. Divided into 2 sessions with 100 questions in each session.

  • How long does it take?

The test will approximately last about 2.5 hours with detail:
• 45 minutes for session 1
• 75 minutes for session 2
• 30 minutes for answering personal data

  • How is the score calculated?

The TOEIC® Listening and Reading test results are not in the form of passing or failing. The test results measure the level of listening and reading skills in English.

  • Why should you take the TOEIC® Listening & Reading test?

Why should you take the TOEIC® Listening & Reading test?
• Measure your current level of English proficiency
• Qualify for a new position or promotion at the company where you work
• Improve your professional skills
• Monitor the progress of your English skills
• Give a basic consideration for setting your learning goals
• Involve your upper line in improving your English skills

  • Why is the TOEIC® question and answer key not informed to the general public?

The TOEIC® test uses a multiple test administration system and for this reason it must be managed and guaranteed at all times. If the question and answer key are informed and then studied by the general public, it will erode the integrity of the TOEIC® test. In addition, the TOEIC® test and answer key are protected by law as ETS copyrighted works. For this reason, part of the ETS TOEIC and key answers do not have to be published or used for any needs without ETS approval.

  • How long is the validity of the score?

Scores are used to measure the level of English proficiency of test takers when the test is carried out. Because English proficiency can change at any time, the slip score will not be reissued after 2 years from the date of the test. ETS does not allow the test center to issue test data that is past 2 years.

  • Are there maximum limits on taking the TOEIC® test?

The limit for taking the TOEIC® test 1 time in 1 week (counted from Monday to Sunday)

  • Who needs to take the TOEIC® Speaking & Writing test?

Those who will enter the workforce

Individuals who want to measure their speaking and writing skills in English

Those who use English in the work place such as offices, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, international meetings, international conventions and sports activities.

Managerial, marketing and engineering level employees in international business, industry, trade and government environments.

  • What is being measured in the test?

TOEIC® Speaking and Writing measures the ability to communicate within the scope of everyday activities and the international working world. Test participants are not required to have knowledge about the business world.

  • Is there a passed score?

There is no score that determines a person’s pass or not. This test measures skills in various level. A single and continuous scale helps test participants determine standards in setting targets for developmental abilities.

  • How is the test run?

Tests are conducted on certain dates on the test site with online methods that are guaranteed to be safe. Contact us at 021-5711943 or email for detail information.

  • What is the cost needed?

The price are various. Contact us at 021-5711943 or email for detail information..

  • When will I receive the Score Slip?

Score will be sent approximately 3 weeks after the test.

  • In all of communication proficiency test, which should I take first? – Listening & Reading or Speaking & Writing?

You must take a test according to your needs. They must take a test that is needed. For a comprehensive evaluation of employees’ English skills, companies can consider their employees in the TOEIC® Speaking and Writing tests as well as TOEIC® Listening and Reading.

  • Why does the test score only valid for 2 years?

A person’s ability to increase or decrease in a certain period. With this in consideration, the latest score that is owned will indicate a person’s current English language skills. Score will be kept and valid for 2 years.

  • What is theTOEIC Bridge™ test?

The TOEIC Bridge ™ test is an English proficiency test for those whose original language is not English. This test is made for beginners to intermediate-level English students. Test takers are English students or those who need to use English to work or travel abroad.
The TOEIC Bridge ™ test provides a reliable and legitimate indication of one’s English skills.
“TOEIC” is short for “Test of English for International Communication.”

  • What is the format of the TOEIC Bridge ™ test?

The TOEIC Bridge ™ test is a multiple-choice test that lasts 1 hour, consisting of 100 questions in two sessions:
• Listening Section
Consists of 50 questions In this session, you will hear statemen, question, short conversation in English. You will answer based on the statement you will hear. This session will approximately need 25 minutes.
• Reading Section
Consists of 50 questions In this session, you read various reading materials and will question based on what you will read. This session will approximately last 35 minutes.

  • Who is taking the TOEIC Bridge ™ test?

Students who are learning English at beginner to intermediate level, students who are taking English language courses, and those who need English for work, travel and other needs.

  • When and where can I take the TOEIC Bridge ™ test?

Someof the schools, companies and other organizations always schedule TOEIC Bridge ™ tests for students or employees. If the test has not been scheduled by your organization, please contact the nearest TOEIC® test representative in your area to find out the schedule information and the place where you can take the test.

  • What is the context of the TOEIC Bridge ™ question?

Here are some examples of places and situations that you can find in the TOEIC Bridge ™ test question:
• Activities – hobby, sport, daily activity, free time activity
• Banquet – lunch, dinner, restaurant, reservation
• Entertainment -cinema, theater, music, art exhibition, mueseum, sport, games
• Family and friends – family member, activity with friends, invitation, pets
• General Business – sales, conference, workshop, penjualan, konferensi, pelatihan, bills. meetings, advertising
• General ideas – feelings, feelings of likes and dislikes, simple talk, standard of modesty
• Health -docter, dentist, clinic,hospital, general health and caring
• Housing – apartments, houses, farms, purchases and rentals, repairs
• Offices – correspondence, memos, telephone, fax and e-mail, office equipment and furniture, office regulations
• News – weather predictio, news program, newspaper
• School -class, classroom, Sekolah – kelas, ruang kelas, subjects, teachers, students, books, homework
• Shopping – food ingredients, clothing, buying
• Travel – travel directions, trains, planes, taxis, buses, boats, small ships, tickets, schedules, information on stations and airports, car rentals, hotels, reservations

  • How much is the cost to held the TOEIC Bridge™ test?

The TOEIC Bridge™ test price are various all over the world. To find out the ptice that apply at your location, please contact the nearest TOEIC® test representative in your area. In Indonesia, the price for the TOEIC Bridge Test is Rp. 450.000,-

  • When is the iBT TOEFL® iBT take place

TOEFL® iBT is conducted every month and is conducted 3 – 4 times, tests are always held on weekends, Saturday or Sunday. Test date can be change every month, to find out more visit

  • How long is the TOEFL® iBT test?

TOEFL® iBT will approximately last 4 hours, start from 08.00 -12.00 local time.

  • How much is the price of the TOEFL® iBT test?

The price of theTOEFL® iBT is 190 USD paid by using a credit card.

  • If I don’t have a credit card, how to make a TOEFL® iBT payment?

If you don’t have a credit card, ITC provide TOEFL® iBT voucher that can be bought through transfer method in Rupiah. The value in Rupiah that must be paid is adjusted to the dollar exchange rate that applies when you make a payment.

  • Are you required to take preparation classes first to take the TOEFL® iBT?

To take the TOEFL® iBT you are not required to take preparation classes. You can take the test when you fell you are ready.

  • What is the average TOEFL® iBT test score that is required to study abroad?

The minimum score that are required is various forevery instituion or college that you are applying, but the generalscore that is required is 80.

  • Is the TOEFL® PBT still available in Indonesia?

TOEFL® PBT in Indonesia is not available, official TOEFL® in Indonesia is TOEFL® iBT.

  • The university I was applying for asked for a TOEFL® iBT score minimum 500, TOEFL® what are they asked for?

TOEFL® with a score of 310 – 677 is a TOEFL® PBT score that is no longer valid in Indonesia. If the university you are applying for requires a score of 500, it can be converted using the TOEFL® iBT score that is accepted and recognized worldwide.

  • Where are the TOEFL® iBT test locations in Indonesia?

Pleasevisit by making a TOEFL® iBT account first to see the test locations for TOEFL® iBT that is available in Indonesia.

  • How long will the score report of the iBT TOEFL® arrive?

There are 3 types of slip scores, which are Online Slip Score, will be received 10 days after the test day through your account, PDF Slip Scores will be received 14 days after the test through your account and Print Slip Score, received 7 days after the test if sent to the university / institution in United States and 4-6 weeks if sent to countries other than the United States.

  • My score slip doesn’t arrive at the designated address, to whom should i beasking regarding this matter?

Due to the delivery of the TOEFL® iBT slip score directly done by ETS that is located in the United States, for this reason we recommend that you can contact ETS directly via

  • What is the role of the teacher in English Discoveries?

We view the role of the teacher in English Discoveries as a very important one. The teacher’s first responsibility is to integrate the course into their classroom teaching and overall curriculum. The teacher should also be a facilitator, customizing learning paths to suit students’ interests and abilities and helping them navigate the course. We also recommend going round the class while your students are working, helping them if they get stuck and making sure that they stay “on task”. However, you can also use this time, when the majority of the class is occupied with the program, to give individual students special attention and tutoring.

  • How can I integrate English Discoveries into my classroom teaching?

English Discoveries has the potential to reinforce and even replace much of the presentation and practice elements that you would normally include in your classroom teaching. Students can explore and practice at their own pace according to their own learning styles and preferences. This then enables you, the teacher, to maximize the time students spend on production/performance-based tasks in the classroom.

Since English Discoveries is divided into topic-based units, it easily lends itself to classroom integration. We strongly recommend that you accompany the course with pre/while/post classroom activities to reinforce and consolidate the vocabulary and structures taught in the course and make the learning process more meaningful. This will also allow for continuity between what is done in the classroom and what is done in the computer room. For example, you can use warm-up activities in the classroom to prepare students for the topics they will encounter in the online course and provide follow-up activities to help reinforce what they have learnt online. In this way your students will find their lessons more meaningful and it will be easier for them to retain what they have learnt.

The English Discoveries Teacher’s Guide contains many suggested activities for integration and also several sample lesson plans which should give you ideas on how to integrate English Discoveries course with your classroom teaching.

  • How can I start my students working in the program?

It’s a good idea to introduce students to the program by demonstrating its main features and navigation. If possible, project the course onto a big screen so the whole class can watch together. If not, divide the class into small groups and demonstrate to each group using a regular computer. In order to familiarize students with English Discoveries,you might want to send your students on a “treasure hunt”, by giving them a list of questions to answer about the program, its icons and navigation. To make the task more motivating, you can set a time limit for the treasure hunt or divide the class into teams to encourage cooperative learning.
Once your students are confident about using English Discoveries, you can allow them to choose which units and components they want to work in, or you can suggest specific learning paths. In the beginning, however, it is advisable to suggest specific tasks for each computer session or give a choice of tasks so that students feel there is direction and purpose to their learning.

  • What are the advantages of a topic-based learning environment?

English Discoveries courses are divided into units which integrate reading, listening, speaking and grammar into common themes of interest and relevance to the language learner. The topic-based learning environment of English Discoveries enables the re-entry of vocabulary in different contexts and promotes the learning of English as a means of real authentic communication. Units such as: “In the Restaurant”, “At Work”, “Law and Order”, “Dreams and Ambitions” and “Traveling Abroad” cover topics which are found in most EFL textbooks and can be easily integrated into classroom teaching, making the learning experience much more meaningful and therefore motivating.

  • What are the advantages of an internet-based language learning course?

The Internet is a unique environment which promotes learning through the integration of multiple media such as text, sound, video, graphics and animation, which can all be combined in a non-linear interactive way through hyper-linking. The Internet also has tremendous communicative potential because it permits numerous forms of interaction and collaboration such as email, instant messaging, chats, forums and notice boards.
An Internet-based course such as English Discoveries Online which takes advantage of both the versatility and communicative aspects of the Internet as a medium for language learning is thus the perfect learning environment. The Internet allows for the creation of a community of learners and encourages the use of English for communicative and real-life purposes. The different media used in the course cater to different learning styles and preferences, the community site encourages communicative interaction. In addition to traditional skills, English Discoveries also promotes Internet literacy, helping students improve their navigation skills, introducing them to authentic Internet tools/technologies and websites, and the latest methods of synchronous and asynchronous communication

  • How does English Discoveries cater to different learning styles and preferences?

English Discoveries exploits the unique versatility of the Internet to cater to many of the distinct learning styles and preferences defined by experts such as Howard Gardner: Visual-spatial learners think in terms of visual space and can be taught through visual aids such as graphics, video, texts with pictures, graphs etc – all of which can be found in English Discoveries. Musical learners are sensitive to sound and will benefit from the fact that in addition to the Listening and Speaking recordings, English Discoveries also provides recordings to accompany the reading texts and grammar explanations. Interpersonal learners who prefer to learn via communication with others, will greatly enjoy the communicative features of the community site.
Intrapersonal learners who prefer to learn through independent study will benefit from using English Discoveries in a self-access environment and will also appreciate the “My Progress” feature that records their progress in the course. Linguistic learners will enjoy the reading components of the course and the word games in the community site. They will also benefit from the fact that even listening and speaking recordings are accompanied by written transcripts. Logical-mathematical learners who like to explore patterns and relationships will find the “Explore” section of the course very helpful.

  • What are the advantages of the community site features?

English Discoveries utilities the communicative potential of the Internet with its accompanying community site. In the Internet era, language learning involves knowing how to join and take part in online communities. The community features provide language learners with access to a worldwide community of language learners just like themselves. They can practice using English for email, instant messaging and chats, in a secure and supportive environment.

  • How can I customize my students?

The TMS (Teacher Management System) allows you to customize your students’ learning paths in several ways. Firstly, you can block or un-assign certain elements of the course, for instance you can decide that you do not want your class to take the tests provided by the system, because you prefer to give your own tests in class. Secondly, you can reassemble the components of the course to create your own course. For instance, you could decide to create a listening course which spans several levels, or reassemble the components to create units that better reflect material that you want to cover in class.

  • What do I do if my class only has access to a limited number of computers?

Unfortunately, the number of computers in many schools is limited, however your students can still benefit from English Discoveries. You can divide the class into smaller groups and rotate computer use. It is also possible for students to use the computer in pairs or groups of three. In fact, many of the speaking activities, where students take part in dialogues, can be very successful if they are done with more than one student. Use of the computer by more than one student has the added advantage of encouraging communicative interaction.

  • Is English Discoveries suitable for heterogeneous classes?

With English Discoveries students can work at their own pace and do not need to worry about keeping up with the rest of the class, -they can repeat material as often as they want or they can move on quickly as soon as they feel confident. As a result, English Discoveries Online is very suitable for mixed ability classes. Moreover, the TMS enables you to divide your class into groups and assign different material to each group, in keeping with their ability and interests.

  • How should English Discoveries be used in a self-access situation?

Studies have shown that students who are self-directed are often more successful language learners. English Discoveriesis ideal for use by students on their own in a self-access situation. Students can work at their own pace, receive instantaneous feedback and choose to study material that suits their own leaning styles and preferences. However, in order to encourage students to take responsibility for their learning, we suggest having some kind of required component in students’ self-access. You can then include follow-up material in the classroom which relies on students having completed their self-access assignment, or give students tasks based on self-access material. In addition to using the TMS (Teacher Management System) to track students’ progress, it is also advisable to encourage students to keep a more personalized study log where they record what they have worked on and any difficulties they had, general comments or notes to the teacher.

  • How can I keep track of my students?

The TMS (Teacher Management System) provides detailed records of your students’ progress. You can see how much of the course your students have completed, when they last worked in different components of the course, and view their test results. You can also view students’ progress unit by unit or according or across the whole course per listening, reading, speaking and grammar component.

  • How can I motivate my students more using English Discoveries?

The TMS (Teacher Management System) provides detailed records of your students’ progress. You can see how much of the course your students have completed, when they last worked in different components of the course, and view their test results. You can also view students’ progress unit by unit or according or across the whole course per listening, reading, speaking and grammar component.


  • What is the benefit of IC3?

IC3 offers prospective test takers, the opportunity to study and demonstrate the capabilities of computers and the internet, to achieve the standards set in the industrial world with accurate expertise and productivity validation to be used in the world of work.

  • How to obtain IC3 certificate?

To obtain IC3 certificate, you must pass 3 assessments, which are: Computing Fundamentals, Key Applications, dan Living Online. Those 3 assessments will test your knowledge and ability in computer sector through questionsthat is based on the performa and knowledge. Each exam takes less than one hour to complete the exam and can be done at the official IC3 test center anywhere.

If a person only passed 1assesment, then they will get official international recognition in the form of international credential

  • Where can I get IC3 training materials?

Several partners from Certiport collaborated with several vendors to make IC3 training materials for preparation before facing IC3 tests. Training materials are available in several forms including textbooks, computer training and online forms that give IC3 test candidates the choice to choose the best method according to their needs. To view the training material currently available, you can see it on the IC3 training page on the Certiport website. (
Here at ITC, we are collaborating with Gmetrix in provding online practice materials.

  • Where can I take the IC3 test?

IC3 test candidates who will take the IC3 test can contact CATC (Certiport Authorized Testing Center) to obtain the IC3 test schedule.
Location / Place of IC3 Authorized Testing Centers can be viewed through the Certiport website.
In ITC, we have 3 CATC at PS, M2, dan MOI

  • How do I find out my IC3 test results?

IC3 test results will appear immediately after the participant completes the IC3 test through the IC3 score sheet.
Participants who have successfully passed 3 IC3 tests will receive their official IC3 certificate within 2 weeks after carrying out the IC3 test.
In addition, participants who have completed at least 1 type of IC3 test, can see the progress online through the Digital Official Transcript service from Certiport.
These services provide easy access to see someone’s credentials at any time
The transcript can be accessed on the Certiport website and is free.

  • Am I getting recognition from academia after I have an IC3 certificate?

IC3 certificates have been recognized and recommended by ACE (American Council on Education) for students in the field of expertise in using computers in general. From these recommendations, someone who already have an IC3 certificate will get recognition from more than 1,800 campuses / universities and other institutions related to members of the ACE (American Council on Education).
Note that the campus / university accepts ACE credit recommendations, based on the policies and needs of each level.

  • Can I see what kind of IC3 test?

The IC3 test demo that shows examples of questions such as the actual IC3 test is available on the Certiport website.
Certiport recommends that prospective IC3 test participants be more familiar with the examples of questions that will be tested by taking the IC3 Test Demo.

  • How can I implement the IC3 program?

If your institution acts as CATC (Certiport Authorized Testing Center), then you will be given the freedom to carry out the IC3 certification program in your own computer laboratory.
And as a Certiport Authorized Testing Center, your institution will benefit from the support of Certiport and knowing the needs of prospective IC3 test takers so they can prepare themselves better before taking the IC3 test and your institution will benefit financially from the successful IC3 certification program .


  • What is LCCI?

The LCCI or the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry is an international certification that tests several specific fields in the world of work and professionals. One of them is certification in the field of commerce and accounting named LCCI Financial and Quantitative Qualifications.

  • Is it true that the LCCI certification has a certain level?

That is true LCCI Financial and Quantitative Qualifications have a certain level, in each level will determine the competencies of the examinees. The types and sequences of the levels are:

Level 1 : 1. Book keeping
Level 2 : 1. Book-keeping and accounting
2. Cost and Management Accounting
3. Business Statistics
4. Computerized Book Keeping
5. Business Calculations
Level 3 : 1. Accounting/Financial Accounting
2. Cost and Management Accounting
3. Business Statistics
4. Computerized Accounting
5. Advanced Business Calculations
Level 4 : 1. Financial Accounting
2. Management Accounting
3. Organisational & Behaviour Performance

Test participants must pass the test if they want to get an LCCI Financial and Quantitative Qualifications certificate.
If the LCCI exam participant wants to get the LCCI Financial and Quantitative Qualifications Diploma, then the participant is obliged to take a number of certification exam topics at each LCCI level within a period of 1 year.
More details on Diploma in LCCI Financial and Quantitative Qualifications can contact ITC via the contact access available.

  • What is the LCCI certification exam like?

LCCI Financial and Quantitative Qualifications Tests in PBT or Paper Based Test format. The material tested also varies depending on the level taken by students or test-takers. The average exam questions are 5 basic questions.
Especially for Computerized Accounting (level 2 and level 3), tests in the form of practical assignment or practice with the format of CBT (Computer Based Test). The questions in the exam are taken from subjects that have been studied at each level


  • How long does LCCI Certification takes?

The lenght of time depends on which level do the test takers take on LCCI Certification. Some levels took 2 hours and 30 minutes and 3 hours long when taking LCCI Certification. For the practice exam use 2 hours 30 minutes.

  • When and where can I take the LCCI certification exam?

First of all before taking the exam, you can register 3 months before the exam which can be started at any time. Test-takers can carry out the LCCI certification exam at the LCCI Authorized Testing Site.

  • Who can participate in the LCCI certification?

LCCI certification can be followed by anyone who does not look at the educational background that is being or has been studied. Prospective test takers can learn first through the LCCI Financial and Quantitative Qualifications program, so students can know from the beginning about the learning material and materials to be tested.

  • Why LCCI?

LCCI Financial and Quantitative Qualifications that are part of Pearson Vue Business have gained a stage on the international class. LCCI has been trusted for 100 years in certification to prepare the world of work with specific fields, such as commerce and accounting. LCCI Financial and Quantitative Qualifications learning is flexible and is done individually. This learning process also takes a real example that makes it easy for learners to prepare themselves in the real world of work in that field.

  • If my institution would like to work with ITC for this LCCI Financial and Quantitative Qualifications program, how to apply?

To collaborate with ITC for the LCCI program, you can contact ITC through this website. Institutions that work together with ITC will get several benefits, such as special pricing and other benefits such as the chart illustrated below.


Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

How to order Extra score report and certificate (Click Here)

  1. Make an account on ITC online registration site (ITC Registration), if already have an account, log in
  2. On the menu bar, click TOEIC®
  3. Then choose “Extra Score Report/sertifikat” and click “Order”
  4. Fill in the form based on your score report identitym then click submit.
  5. On delivery menu, choose “selfpick up” to pick up your extra document at Mangga Dua Square or choose “JNE” to send to your address
  6. If you choose sending by “JNE”, please fill in the full address according to the data requested
  7. Click next, then click “Order”
  8. On the pop up menu, click “Order”, then click “OK”
  9. On the payent method page, choose the methode you would like to process
  10. Follow the steps of payment
  11. IF already have done the payment, order confirmation will automatically send to your email
  • If I take the TOEIC test, what results will I receive?

Result will be a Score Report

  • Why is the certificate not included in the results?

Each TOEIC test will be provided with a Score Report, this score report which is generally used as evidence of the TOEIC test results in 160 countries. A certificate or certificate of achievement is optional.

  • How can I legalize my TOEIC Score Report?

We do not provide a legal process for Score Report. To verify your score, please contact the institution that you want to apply to send an email request to You can also include the original score report as one of the required documents (not a copy). If you need an additional report score, ITC provides a feature for ordering.

  • What is the price printing an additional Score Report?

Additional Score Report printing will be charged a fee of Rp. 150.000.

  • Can I reprint more than one sheet?

You can print a score report of more than one sheet.

  • How long will my document be processed and sent to my address?

We will process your documents within 1 working day after we have received proof of payment.

  • Can I pick up my order of additional score report myself at the ITC, which office address?

Yes you can, the pick up location is atInternational Test Center Plaza Sentral,17 floor, Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav.47 or Mangga Dua Square. Rukan Mangga Dua Square Blok D5, Jl. Gunung Sahari Raya No. 1.

  • When can I pick up my documents at the ITC office?

You can pick up your documents that have been requested 2 working days after we receive your payment during our operational hours (09.00 – 17.00) outside lunch hours (12.00 – 13.00).

  • What documents do I have to take when picking up my additional score report at the ITC office?

To pick up your additional score report at the ITC office, you need to show the original ID card (National ID, Driver License, Passport)

  • Can someone else pick up my score report and how is the process?

For pick up process can be represented by another person by making a letter of statement with signature below on a signing a stamp of 6000 stamp and a copy of the test taker ID and the representative that will pick up the score report.

  • Can my Score report or certificate be sent to my address?

Score report or certificate can be sent to your address by sending an email of a request that consist of your designated address and an attachment of your proof of payment reprinting and shipping cost (based on JNE Rates)

  • Is there a limit time to pick up the score report that has been requested?

You can pick up your score report until 1 month after requested. If passed the time limitation (1 month) there will be additional fee printing Rp. 150.000