International Standards for Professional Nurses (ISPN)

ISPN (International Standard for Professional Nurse)

International Test Center (ITC) in collaboration with the International Commission on Graduates of the Foreign Nursing School (CGFNS) presents the world’s largest credentials evaluation for nursing, namely ISPN (International Standard for Professional Nurse). The ISPN program is intended for first level nurses or nurses who already have local certification that have graduated from nursing education in their country and want to work as professional nurses abroad. In this globalization era, nursing graduates in Indonesia have a great opportunity to become nurses abroad with more promising incomes, professional nurses with international standard professional certification such as ISPN will be more easily accepted and have higher selling power.

ISPN Certification will be held on July, 6th 2019. Registration process must be completed at least at the end of June 2019. The registration process will be extended by considering several things. Please contact us to know more information about ISPN.

Knowledge. Experience. Trust.

CGFNS (Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools), established in 1977 and located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania United States is an internationally recognized authority in evaluating and verifying credentials (diplomas, certificates etc.) related to education, registration and licensing of nurses and health workers from around the world.

CGFNS International, Inc. (CGFNS) serves the global community in the health sector by providing products in the form of assessments that assess the credentials in the health sector of each country to ensure compliance with global standards. As a trusted source for more than 40 years, health workers and organizations rely on CGFNS to provide accurate and reliable services.

ISPN stands for International Standards for Professional Nurses, a nurse education validation service to meet the international standards.

Benefits of ISPN

For Indonesia Nurses

  • Proof that knowledge and skills are mastered in accordance with the international standards.
  • Affirmation that Indonesian nurses deserve an opportunity for education, a better job.
  • Become a part of the global community of nurses.
  • Open opportunities for increasing income both domestically and abroad.

For educators, policy makers, nursing education institutions and government institutions in the health sector.

The information that are produced can be used as materials for consideration in evaluating the curriculum, teaching methods of nursing education and improving ways to prepare nurses to be ready in the workforce.

Eligibility or Requirement for the ISPN Program

  1. Junior and senior Nurses
  2. have graduated from a government-approved nursing school

Credential Evaluation

Required Documents

  1. Diploma graduation from nursing institutions recognized by the government of the Republic of Indonesia
  2. Has a valid registration certificate (STR)

The Qualifying Exam


  • Internet-based tests conducted for 1 day, your knowledge and skills about nursing will be tested.
  • Questions utilize a multiple choice or a multiple selection format that is created by experts in nursing sector.

Field tested:

  1. Adult health nursing.
  2. Nursing of children
  3. Psychiatric/mental health nursing
  4. Maternal/infant nursing

The material tested includes:

  1. Safe and effective nursing care, focusing on nursing services
  2. Health improvement and maintenance that focuses on life-long growth and development and prevention and treatment as early as possible
  3. Health services related to the need for psychosocial integrity
  4. Physiological integrity that focuses on the proper functioning of the body’s system

Consist of 4 steps, which are:

  1. Registration
    Registration can be done online through CGFNS Connect system.
  2. Required Documents
    As stated in the Credential Assessment section
  3. Photo
    Photos allowed are photos for passports with details:
    – JPEG Format
    – Not more than 5 MB
    – square
    – Colour
  4. CGFNS Qualifying Exam

More Information

For individuals who work as nurses and nursing institutions who are interested in ISPN, you can contact:

PT International Tes Center
Plaza Sentral 17th Floor
Jalan Jendral Sudirman Kav. 47, Jakarta 12930
Phone: (021) 5711943
Fax : (021) 5711944
email :

ISPN Program Fees : USD 350.00

*fees are paid directly to the CGFNS account after the online registration process at CGFNS Connect, this fee includes a practical program for exam preparation.