Pearson LCCI qualifications are work-related qualifications, created to give professional learners the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the workplace. Available in more than 80 countries, supported by available learning resources and easy online registration.

LCCI qualifications equip learners with work ready skills to prosper in their careers.

History of LCCI Qualifications

LCCI qualifications have been offered internationally for over 100 years, and originally were developed by the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) to address the need for reliable, high quality standards across international workforces.

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Available Qualifications

LCCI is a flexible qualifications programme with examinations at various levels, enabling learners to enter at the level that’s most appropriate for them.

What qualifications are available?

  • Financial and quantitative
  • Marketing and customer service
  • Business, administration and IT
  • English language

Why Pearson LCCI international qualifications?

All Pearson qualifications are designed to allow seamless progression, whether that’s between qualifications or on to further education or employment.

With the help of our LCCI centres, LCCI qualifications have become the first choice for ambitious professionals all over the world – from junior to management levels.

Widely regarded by employers for their practical focus on key business areas, LCCI qualifications are designed to give students flexibility, so that their learning can be balanced around existing commitments to achieve their goals. As such our centres provide essential support to our learners by offering our qualifications as single subjects or in combination to create a unique diploma with a variety of study modes.

Our qualifications can offer students the opportunity to progress directly to university or other professional qualifications (such as ACCA, CIMA or ICEAW) and are often listed as essential requirements by international employers.

Recognised across the globe, our international LCCI financial and quantitative qualifications cover a range of essential topics to prepare students for university, professional qualifications, or direct employment in the financial sector.

ITC is the one as Registered Training Centre (RTC) in Indonesia for financial and quantitative qualification.

Qualifications are available in Indonesia:

Level Subject Title
Introductory Certificate in Bookkeeping
Level 1 Certificate in Bookkeeping
Level 2 Award in Computerised Bookkeeping
Level 2 Certificate in Bookkeeping and Accounting
Level 2 Certificate in Cost Accounting
Level 2 Certificate in Business Statistics
Level 2 Business Calculations
Level 3 Certificate in Financial Accounting
Level 3 Certificate in Cost & Management Accounting
Level 3 Certificate in Business Statistics
Level 3 Advanced Business Calculations
Level 4 Certificate in Financial Accounting
Level 4 Certificate in Management Accounting
Level 4 Certificate in Organisational Behaviour and Performance

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